Meta Shifts Gears and Opens Threads, a Direct Challenge to X

Over the last half-year, Meta, the renowned social media conglomerate (formerly known as Facebook), has been strategically capitalizing on all the drama within Twitter (referred to as X) by introducing Threads, a microblogging community akin to its X counterpart. Today, we will look at Threads by drawing comparisons with Twitter and taking a look at Meta’s motivations in enticing users away from the established microblogging giant.

Four Ways You Can Use Technology to Connect Better

These days, it feels like things change quickly and without warning, but there are certainly still some parts of the holiday season that retain some of the good, old-fashioned traditions of yesteryear. While the holiday season is more commercialized than ever, technology has made it more viable to spend these times of laughter, leisure, and cheer with loved ones, even if you’re far apart physically.

Tip of the Week: Waste Less Time By Using Every Moment

The idea of “finding time” for particular tasks has always been a bit of an odd saying. After all, there is a finite amount of time in any given day. No matter how hard you search, you’re not going to magically find more of it. What you can do for those tough-to-schedule projects and tasks, however, is make more time by freeing up time that is already in use. Let’s go over some strategies you can use to make more time for the projects that matter most, whether they are for business or for life.

With the Right Help, Even A Kidnapped Santa Claus Isn’t Hard to Fix

Most of us know that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, but fewer know that he’s specifically built his big castle and workshop someplace called the Laughing Valley. There, he and all the elves, sprites, pixies, and fairies that help him make his toys live and work to give the children of the world their presents each year. All that being the case, even Santa and his team need a little help every once in a while.

Promises of Remote Work are Being Broken… and It’s a Bad Idea

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a few years since circumstances… “encouraged”… so many businesses to suddenly adopt work from home policies. As these circumstances have gradually normalized, many businesses have elected to keep these policies in place, either maintaining fully remote operations or shifting to hybrid operations. However, some notable businesses have taken efforts to roll back remote work capabilities, if not discontinuing them entirely.