Blockchain Image

Understanding Blockchain

The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is quickly becoming a household name.

GDPR Image

Understanding GDPR

In April of 2016, the European Union Parliament and Council voted to replace Data Protection Directive.

Automation Image

Understanding Automation

The automation of technology service delivery gives you a stronger business by streamlining the services.

Ransomware Image

Understanding Ransomware

What you need to know about the malware that hits your data, and then your wallet.

Shadow IT Image

Understanding Shadow IT

Having a software deployment strategy for your company’s needs is important.

Virtual Identity Image

Your Virtual Identity

Protect your business from online identity thieves with secure business infrastructures.

The Modern Office Image

Understanding the Modern Office

Nexela is your Philadelphia leader for comprehensive managed IT services.

IT Threat Glossary Image

Nexela's IT Threat Glossary

Understand what threats are in store for your business. The Internet can be dangerous.

Business Continuity Image

Business Continuity

A well-structured Continuity plan can save your business and employees.

Windows 10 Image

Windows 10

Learn about the latest Windows operating system for your IT infrastructure.

Internet of Things Image

Internet of Things

Our UTM is designed to protect your network from various, harmful threats.

Network Security Image

Network Security

Maximizing Your Business’ Security and their day-to-day operations.

SOX Image

Understanding SOX

Ensuring your IT Infrastructure is SOX-complaint is a necessity.

BYOD Image

Understanding BYOD

Your company can use advanced mobility to enhance production.

PCI Image

Understanding PCI DSS

Solutions for companies searching for a secure interface.

Hipaa Image

HIPAA Compliance

Laws for the secure and private transfer of individual's medical information.

Cloud Computing Image

Cloud Computing

Free yourself from traditional IT with Cloud Services and Cloud computing.